Staff and Clergy


Dan Martin,  Choirmaster and Organist

Angel Morrow, Parish Administrator

Kimberly Scheve, Sunday School Coordinator

Deborah Beamer, Sunday Nursery Coordinator

Diane Crump, Director of St. James’ Preschool

Debi Wind, Wedding Coordinator


The Rev. Jim Trimble, Rector

Vestry Members

Don Apgar

Lynn Apgar

Deb Stover

Tom Tri

Debi Wind


3 thoughts on “Staff and Clergy

  1. The web page is quite an improvement. Having said that the information is old, not current. Wanting to draw more attention, keeping the web page undated is a start.

    • I agree. I have not attended church for some time now. The reason, I live 30 miles away. I would love to be able to come to a service during the week. Possibly a Wednesday or Thursday during the day. I have to agree, the website would serve the community better if it were updated. With Lent starting today, Ash Wednesday, I was unsure of any services that were available.

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